Your Crew

Bram and Tess have been crewing aboard 'Catmer' together in the British Virgin Islands for over 4 years and cannot wait to share their favorite spots with you! Bram is a professionally trained Captain whose sailing experience goes back to when he was a young boy working at his father's sailing school. You may have been on a BVI charter before, but you probably have not sailed the entire route - which can be guaranteed with Bram at the helm. He has sailed across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and once spent 60 days at sea between Panama and New Caledonia. You will be safe and comfortable having such an experienced Captain at the helm. 

Tess is a formally trained professional chef, specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. Her meals combine only fresh herbs, grains and lean proteins to provide you with a fusion of European and Caribbean flavors. Tess can accommodate any dietary preferences or restrictions and has experience catering to gluten free, vegan and other special diets. Please contact us for a sample menu, the menu included with your charter will be catered to your group's needs and wishes.